Tales from the Garden: Fresh Tomato Sauce


Over the course of this summer, I mentioned that I was not cut out to be a gardener. Note that I can actually grow and tend to a flower garden so gardening in this context points means planting and harvesting stuff that will be used in the kitchen. With that said, you can already guess that I would be lying if I said anything about harvesting the tomatoes you see from my own garden. However, I did not buy them either. When you have a variety of friends and especially those who seem to have been blessed with a green thumb, life can really be adventurous.

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Candy Corn in The Wild


Last night, my good friend brought me a pumpkin for us to paint and carve.  It was a little too early in the season for us to carve, even though I was craving some roasted pumpkin seeds :).   We decided that to paint the pumpkin….and I looked on Pinterest for some inspiration.  What do you think?

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Water Buffalo Larb


Larb is one of my favorite dishes. I especially like eating it when the weather is hot outside and making me crave for a light, spicy meal. Larb (a dish that originated from Thailand and Laos cuisine) is conventionally prepared with ground pork although you can try ground turkey or other types of meat. I personally tried ground turkey and can assert that even with such lean meats, its other ingredients which include lime juice, fish sauce and chilis ensure that the dish retains its intended flavor.

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Bean Curd Skin Rolls


My love for dim sum is timeless and unconditional. And I know that you already know that, because every time I talk about Chinese cuisine, I begin and end with dim sum. But you can’t blame me for that because they are like the greatest gift to humankind, and I sincerely believe that. When I order dim sum, my friends wonder how can so much food can be eaten by such a tiny person (I’m not that tiny, by the way). I even hide dim sum from my husband. And at all times, you can find a Tupperware with me which I keep for emergency leftovers. And surprisingly, I find all these habits of mine incredibly normal.

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