Water Buffalo Larb

Larb is one of my favorite dishes. I especially like eating it when the weather is hot outside and making me crave for a light, spicy meal. Larb (a dish that originated from Thailand and Laos cuisine) is conventionally prepared with ground pork although you can try ground turkey or other types of meat. I personally tried ground turkey and can assert that even with such lean meats, its other ingredients which include lime juice, fish sauce and chilis ensure that the dish retains its intended flavor.

There was this one time when I made it using a ground local water buffalo. I am a meat distributor which makes it easy for me to get buffalo meat. If you can get it too, try making Larb with it and see if you feel the same magic I felt. Note that water buffalo meat is lean and although it’s not what comes to everyone’s mind when they yearn for meat, it’s a near perfect fit for Larb. Just like in the case of pork, the dish is conventionally served with lettuce as a wrap. In my case, I did not have any so I replaced it with coconut rice. Ask me why the coconut rice and I will tell you that I like how it tastes when the soup soaks into it. To add some interest to it, I threw some vegetables into the mix.

Before I began cooking, I worked on the garnish I was going to use for the meal because they say that garnish has got fiber. I grated a few carrots and then poured wine vinegar alongside other ritualistic ornamental ingredients that included salt, a dash of sugar and hot chili oil. Finally and the end of my wits, I let everything sit and marinate until I was confident that the meal was ready. The result was that they were crunchy and just the perfect fit for my coconut rice.

*Update 4/13/17 – I found a recipe (I’ll link to it later) that makes bread that is the perfect pairing to Water Buffalo Larb.  I was researching bread machines when I came acrross this guide from Abby Sher: Ultimate Guide For The Best Bread Machines.  Hopefully it will help you out as well!