Was it Worth it? Turkey Fried Rice…with Potato Chips

It was 85 degrees outside. I was exhausted from work and after my long bike ride home in the hot sun,I was feeling very hungry. I contemplated to eat just potato chips for dinner but then thought of making something new.

I tried out a unique combination using turkey fried rice and was left surprised how well it turned about. The main ingredients were turkey fried rice and potato chips. I soften up the chips in my bread maker.  I had bought Tim’s potato chips which are extra thick and crunchy but they didn’t really stand out too much from the other ingredients. And like peanuts or cashews, they also added a lovely salty texture to the rice and turkey. I made some changes by adding blanched green beans, asparagus, some spicy mustard greens and a bit of Thai basil. I have this habit of adding extra vegetables when the carbohydrate content in the meal is a little high. It is good for your health and balances the nutrition component. The dinner turned out to be a delightful and I would recommend it to all to try on their own. The potato chips added to turkey rice will definitely make you smack your lips and leave asking for more 🙂

If you are only making turkey rice, you can probably find most of the ingredients in your pantry.  It takes around 20 minutes from start to finish and you can make it when you are feeling really hungry and need something to eat quickly. The original recipe includes eggs, mints and onion but my advice would be to play around with a flavor of potato chips to it and back off using mint. I tried plain potato chips for the first time, but I think it can taste even better. I am thinking about using Jalapeno flavor for the next time and have a feeling it would turn out to be pretty awesome as well.

Good luck experimenting and trying out new fun recipes!