When Should I Start Shaving Girl? Tips for Beginner

Facial hair has become a skin problem for many girls all over the world. When should start shaving girl? The best time to start shaving for removing hair is when you become a teenager. Girls below ten years should be strictly avoided to use shaving products as it can cause a severe sensation. There are many products available in the market with the name best permanent facial hair removal; one must try such products for shaving.

When Should I Start Shaving Girl?

Facial hair appears on your skin can reduce your beauty and makes you a low confident person. Many women hesitate to shave their faces, and today on the internet, facial hair is the most trending term search. Many consider, shaving your face is not a solution to remove hairs. Shaving your face can lead to various skin infections and cause acne in some cases.

Apart from this, many girl try waxing to start shaving facial hair. According to us, waxing is only beneficial for other body parts, such as legs and arms. The face is the most delicate and sensitive part of the body, and waxing contains elements that can reduce the firm of your face skin, making it more dull and patchy. Let’s talk about some more information regarding facial hair.

Types of facial hair removal methods!

Laser treatment

Many women today prefer laser treatment for facial hair. Laser treatment is found useful only in some cases where the growth of follicles is less. Girls with more facial growth should use other methods as this treatment is a bit costly and doesn’t remove all skin hairs properly. In some conditions, women have found some severe burning sensation that causes reddishness on their face skin. If you can afford such a massive amount of money and have less hair growth, you can try that treatment without any doubt.


This is not a permanent solution. Many girls today prefer this over anything, but this method is not appropriate. It can cause skin allergies and reduce the firmness of the skin. Moreover, waxing is only useful for some time; you may find growth after a few days. The method is not as easy as it looks like; many girls injure themselves while performing it. Some waxing products contain a high amount of chemicals that cause itchiness and swelling on the face.


When Should I Start Shaving Girl?

The method is performing using any razor or blade. Such a task is challenging and even causes some cuts on the face if not used correctly. Mostly it is found that girls using such methods get hurt themselves. Shaving is much beneficial for start removing stiff hairs near girl legs or underarms. You can use this method for obtaining an is instantly smooth and fresh skin.  It is advisable for a girl if they are using such a technique, try to clean the razor and product before using and practice first, then try on the face. Your face is the most sensitive part; it catches infection more quickly. Don’t use blades again after using it; dispose of them using any wrapper.


Many natural made creams are used for removing unwanted facial hair. From our point of view, this is the most satisfactory solution and appropriate method. You won’t get hurt by using such methods and remove all unwanted hair in minutes. The Best Permanent Facial Hair Removal creams come up with great natural ingredients sufficient to remove all hair on your face. Try such a product now, and enjoy glowing and smooth skin. Besides this, the cream is safe to use, doesn’t cause any sensation issue, and cream is affordable. You can get natural made facial removing creams on the web efficiently.

Female guide’s on removing facial hair!

  •       Women are more concerned about their beauty, which is their right; after all, women are born to express and show their beauty. But facial hair can hinder this, and facial hair is more noticeable when you go outside and meet people. Moreover, facial hairs can’t hide through using foundations or concealers. One has to find a permanent solution regarding this. We don’t want any girl to tense about his beauty just because of this facial hair, therefore we have come up with the Best Permanent Facial Hair Removal product.
  •       It is a shaving product that ensures that women with excessive hair growth can relive their lives once again. The product effectively reduces all types of body hair, and you can use such products anytime you feel like. The product doesn’t contain any harmful elements that cause any allergies or skin-related issues. Many teenagers today use such products for removing unwanted hair. For more details, you can review such a product on the web.

The truth about Best Permanent Facial Hair Removal Products!

  •       If you get any product that ensures you with a permanent solution for removing facial hair, you must try those as applying waxing on the face, and laser treatments are not safe. Simultaneously, other products like cream or powder are much effective and help you get the best skin that attracts everyone towards you. We know how much your face skin matter, and this is where we advise you to go for  Best Permanent Facial Hair Removal.
  •       Removing facial hair is not an easy task; most girls are afraid to use any product on their faces as little harm to face can damage their whole appearance and even career. We live in a world where females are judged based on their skin color and beauty, and facial hair can spoil everything.
  •       You might feel embarrassed, but boys notice such things more than another female of your age. Make sure you look prettier without hair on the face. Don’t panic over this thing; every problem has a solution today, and the best permanent facial removal is a solution to this. Just search this term on the web and thanks us later.

Final thoughts!

Girl can start shaving hair anytime they feel like. There is no hard and tough rule for removing body hair but make sure you don’t get hurt yourself while removing unwanted hair. Check above mention details for learning more about facial hair treatments.

What Can Cause Itchy Scalp?

There are various types of skin related problems present in this world, such as itching, eczema, and many others. Nowadays, the most normal problem for people is an itchy scalp, which leads to a huge amount of hair fall. Itching of a scalp occurred due to dryness and lack of moisturizer. This problem mostly occurred because most of the people are running to various experiments on their hair. People love to have different colored hair, but they don’t think about its side effects and problems that can be caused to their scalp

Due to a lack of nourishment to the scalp, the scalp gets dry and leads to itchiness. To overcome this problem, there are many best shampoo for itchy scalp and hair loss available in the market. You need to know the need of your scalp so that you can reduce your hair fall and make them healthier and smoother. The main reason for your hair fall and itchy scalp is dandruff, which makes your hair more rough and full of split ends.

What Can Cause Itchy Scalp?

People should take care of their hair correctly as the hair is the only thing that helps you to have a different look and style. There are various and branded shampoos available according to the different scalp texture.

Shampoos for Itchy Scalp

Head and Shoulders Itchy Scalp Care Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

  • Head and shoulders are those shampoos that contain all the essential ingredients or stuff that are good for the scalp that contains dandruff.
  • It helps to reduce dandruff from the scalp and makes you relief from your itchy scalp.
  • This shampoo is very affordable, and anyone can but it by whether a low class, middle class, or a high class.
  • It provides a special texture to the scalp, which helps to reduce dandruff and also the itchiness from the scalp.
  • It helps to make your hair smooth and soft and also protects your scalp from that stuff, which damages your hair.

The Body Shop Ginger Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

    • Ginger is that ingredient that contains a strong smell and effective for your scalp to have better blood flow.
    • It helps to make your scalp dandruff-free and also helps in the growth of your hair without getting damaged.
    • This shampoo is the best shampoo for itchy scalp and hair loss and also for the soft and shiny texture of your hair.
  • This shampoo has an attractive look that attracts more people and also helps them to recover their itchy scalp.
  • Ginger provides a different texture and advantage to the damaged scalp, which helps to recover it faster.

What Can Cause Itchy Scalp?

Wella Professionals Elements Renew Shampoo

  • Some shampoos are full of chemicals and make your scalp dry and full of dandruff, which leads to hair fall and damaged scalp.
  • Always keep in mind about the shampoo that should be sulfate-free and chemicals free to keep your scalp safe and damage-free.
  • In different shampoos, various ingredients are mixed according to the different scalp and texture.
  • A shampoo helps you to make your scalp dandruff free and soft to have safe hair with proper volume and strength.
  • This shampoo is best to make your scalp smoother to have more growth in your hair and dandruff free.

Aveda Pramasana Purifying Scalp Cleanser

  • This shampoo is very beneficial for those people who have a damaged scalp and keeps on having itching ad hair fall.
  • This shampoo is as best as a saloon and helps you to have such a texture like a saloon and makes you look more pretty and different.
  • It contains a mixture of babassu extracts, seaweed extract, and many other natural ingredients that helps to reduce dandruff from your scalp.
  • This shampoo is the best shampoo for itchy scalp and hair loss and also for reducing split ends and dandruff from the scalp.
  • It cleans the scalp so well as it has a very good quality of cleanser with more benefits and advantages.

Philip Kingsley Flaky or Itchy Scalp Shampoo

  • This shampoo contains a huge amount of natural products, which helps you to regain your hair thoroughly and volume of them.
  • It helps to have such a great texture of your hair due to a good scalp and soft skin.
  • It converts your scalp into a better quality, which helps you to increase the growth of your hair and also their strength.
  • This shampoo is mainly produced to reduce the itchiness from the scalp and also helps to remove extra dandruff and bacteria.
  • It helps you to have such a soft and damage-free scalp that makes a great combination between the scalp and the growth of the hair.

Australian Body care Tea-Tree Oil Treatment Shampoo

  • Tea tree oil is the best not for hair only but also for recovering pother issues related to your bodies such as eczema, itching, and others.
  • This shampoo contains tea tree oil, which helps you to have a safe and protective scalp with more benefits as thus, oil has various advantages.
  • This oil is an anti-fungal agent that helps to fight against the various bacteria which enter our body or scalp.
  • This shampoo is the best to reduce itching from the scalp and keeps the scalp more clean and safe to have dandruff-free.
  • It is best to recover all the problems of your scalp and also your daily routine problems; this tea tree oil helps to cure all the problems.

Wrap It Up

The overall hair’s health depends upon the scalp and proper nourishment. The production of necessary oils should be in limit. If you have an oily scalp, then using the right shampoo can eradicate such kind of problems. Make sure your scalp isn’t too dry as it can cause white flakes and dandruff, whereas oily scalp blocks all the open pores, which can also cause a problem for your hair. All the above shampoos are the best for itchy scalp.

How to Remove Turkey Neck?

The skin around your neck might be a wrinkle, loose or sagging is simply known in the term of “Turkey neck”. One of the main issues that make you frustrated to deal with is skin aging and turkey neck.  You might start noticing wrinkles, age spots, and some other aging concerns, especially on your face and neck. To get rid of those problems there are some creams that act as an anti-aging product that is specially designed for skin aging problems.

Could a turkey neck be young?

Turkey neck is different from the double chain. When more fat deposits on your chin then it is double chin whereas the natural aging process results in turnkey necks. This was named because of the red wattles present in your skin resembles the turkey’s neck. It occurs when aging as the process production of collagen and Hyaluronic acid slows.

As age occurs, the strength of our skin production process will be losing its elasticity. The strength of the skin comes from the muscles, once if it weakened or loses its strength, then it is very difficult to look like younger ones as they have good skin elasticity.  Sometimes skin aging occurs not because of natural aging, it also occurs when you get more sun exposure, smoking and also genetics.

Sun exposure may lead to turkey neck, as the Ultra-violet rays from the sun perforate through the skin. UV rays destroy the tissue present in your skin which results in the wrinkled skin. If you are a smoker, then there is a chance of getting the sagged neck. Smoking causes bad blood circulation around your neck. In such cases, the skin neck will lose its energy and when ages you might face many problems. The other reason for this problem is because of the excessive fat. The fat pulls the skin of your neck without support results in sagging.

What can you do for turkey neck?

As the age occurs the neck skin becomes sagging, wrinkles and age spots. Once if you are affected with this neck problem then it is tough to get back the normal skin as you have in the younger ages or in the earlier stage. Sometimes it occurs even at an earlier age which makes you look like an older person. Some will be undergoing physical surgery, which always leads to the potential risk. Once if have undergone surgery it might be taking more time to the healing process. You have to also worry about infections as it is a risk. Turkey neck makes you look like an elderly person even you are not in those age groups. To recover from all these problems you can go for some treatments to get back your young neck skin.

How to get rid of turkey neck without surgery?

There are many ways to get rid of the turkey problem. Either it can be done with surgeries or without surgeries. Surgeries always tend to potential risk and if you prefer without surgeries you can opt for the exercises or the neck cream. If you prefer the exercises then here are some simple instructions to follow to get rid of this turkey neck problem.

Stretching Neck- Train your neck skin every day to make it strong rather than lose the elasticity of the skin. Try to sleep with a long neck by keeping pillows and sit straight and hold your head up while watching TV, using laptops or PCs.

Rollers- One of the efficient ways to tone the skin on the face and neck quickly. Roll up your neck which helps to eliminate puffiness, get rid of wrinkles and make strength for facial muscles.

Neck lifting- On the edge of the bed, dangle your head by lying face down. Then lift the head up with the help of neck muscles. Repeat five times, when you feel any pain just relax, do it up to five times a week.

Turkey neck removal method

It is very important to take care of your neck as much as the attention you are giving to your face. Because the aging signs show on your neck before the face as it is thinner skin on the neck when compared with face skin. Thinner skin will be losing its elasticity before the other parts. Most people take care of their faces and still neglect the neck area. It is necessary to take care of the neck skin to look younger. There are many products available in the market for both the face as well as the neck cream. To remove the turkey neck follow and use some cream for neck.

Even there are a number of products available, only a few provides the best skin firming cream for face and neck. Some of the best products for both are as follows.

L’Oreal Paris Skincare Revitalift Firming Face and Neck Cream

To make it smooth and hydrated skin, the skin firming cream helps. The cream makes your skin long-lasting moisture which results in reducing issues of aging. It is dye-free, tested for allergy, free of colorant and parabens, and also free of punitive chemicals. So you no need to worry about skin irritation. To make your skin smoother use continuously, within four weeks of time you can get good results.

Bare Minerals Extra-Firming Neck Cream

One of the lead skincare products providers is bare Minerals, as their product is helping to increase the texture of the neck skin. It also helps in smoothening and tightening of the skin. This cream is enriched with an active oil complex that accelerates appearance of aging signs. It is clinically proven that this cream defends your skin in any environmental stressors. It is ideal for all types of skin and helps in the friming and tightening of the skin.

Neck and Décolleté Tightening Serum

To get back your skin to the youthful state, this product will help nourish your skin with the presence of formula, which penetrates your skin. If you have any worry about the quality of cream just forgot it and also helps is taking care of your skin to get rid of issues like wrinkles.

Gold Bond Ultimate Firming Cream

The cream is uniquely formulated with a mixture of some vital ingredients that helps in delivering on-lasting hydration. It results in improving skin appearances and firmness.


Even aging makes your skin wrinkle, there are some solutions to get rid of those problems. Choose a better solution without any side effects and any damages to your skin. Consultant with your doctor and make yourself as a young and energetic person.

What to Look for When Buying a Bluetooth Bike Helmet

Bikers love riding their bikes on the highway. They kill for going fast in a lane by themselves. Hearing the sound of the wind. Moving in a hurry with no one to bug them along the way. It’s not every day you get to ride on the road and deal with other people. These days, they have a bluetooth motorcycle helmet to make your riding experience bigger. The best helmet with bluetooth can take you bigger. Bigger as in more communication, protection, music, radio, internet, and ability to have fun. The only catch to this new helmet is you got to have people who have the same helmet in order for you to call them. If you feel like you want to buy this helmet and learn more, read what is written below.


Can Install Seperate Bluetooth compartment to Helmet

People who are not interested in buying a new bike helmet can settle for a bluetooth compartment device. These devices connect to the outside of your motorcycle helmet. They do not work on all motorcycle helmets however. You need to make sure the helmet is connectable to your motorcycle brand and device. Ask the company questions over the phone to double check. That is what I always do. You can not go wrong with asking people questions they relate to your motorcycle helmet connecting to device. It might seem strange but people are the fastest internet around. Always look to people to give you the fastest information possible.

 Helmets Are Safe on the Inside

All helmets are safe on the inside if they the bluetooth is on the outside of helmet. Now, there might be some bluetooth headsets on outside, so call the company who made them and make sure. Bluetooth technology heats up like cellphones. You don’t want that bad boy by your face while your trying to make a sharp turn. Most manufactures build on the outside to stop people from receiving radiation. There is a belief that radiation comes from cellphones and electronic devices. I am not sure if they information is true. All in all, make sure the bluetooth device is on the outside and you are 100% safe.

What Audio Type Can be Heard

Many types of audio can be heard from this new bluetooth motorcycle helmet device. First, you can hear the radio. Feature not allowed by all helmets. But, some allow you to hear the radio if you are in range of a radio tower. You can change the stations and stick to your favorite talk show even. Next audio feature, music can be played from mp3 file or music stored in bluetooth helmet. Some helmets have a memory chip that stores the music and audio files you have on it.

You can easily listen to your talk show on youtube that you downloaded or listen to a datpiff mixtape. The music you listen to is in your control. There is no long list of songs you have to listen to and a pay wall you have to pay to do it. The best helmet with bluetooth can probably give you all the features I mentioned. In conclusion, your getting a helmet that can play music that you want it to play.

Bluetooth motorcycle helmet

Additionally, you can communicate with people who have the same bluetooth motorcycle helmet. Also applies to the same device. Now, you need to make sure someone has the helmet in advance before you think about contacting them. Contacting works like a walkie talkie on the road. It has a range though. Depends on the bluetooth device or helmet you use. The below average distance is about 1,500 to 5,000 feet. View your bluetooth helmet you bought for more information on range.

Helmet communication does not run on internet. You can use these helmets in country areas. They are controlled by the satellite. There is one thing I should tell you. Once you hit a really big country area, the connection in country areas is bad all around. You should tell you friend things in advance so they know what to do. If your cellphone does not work, don’t expect the helmet to work. That is how all technology is in country towns.

Night Time Shaving Routine for Men

Its late at night, you need a good shave to start the next day or tonight. Shaving at night is not strange. I will do it from time to time. My days can be simple and then get crazy all over again. Because of, I have found a routine that works for shaving at night. Clean cut every bump and not miss a spot of hair. You can follow the routine too to help you get the closest shave. Just put on the best night cream for men each day and see what I have to say for shaving. You might just find a routine that make you look more efficient. Read what is written below.

best night cream for men

Use Cleanser Every Day to Make Your Face Softer

Use a cleanser every day on your face. Cleansers are similar to soap, but they are made for your face. Adds moisture and perfect balance of water to face. Open the container and apply a little cleanser each day. Then, wash the cleaner off with water and clean cloth. Apply the cleanser with your hands. Applying it with a cloth can cause your skin to get less moisture performance. Do not do it that way. Want the best performance then I suggest you use the hands. Cleansers generally feel cold and wet, so you won’t have to worry about it causing you hand problems.

Prepare Yourself for the Night Shave

Being prepared is the best way to make sure you cut each facial hair piece. Each day, set out a specific time you want the shave to happen. Do you want at 7:00pm or 10:00pm? Set it up and show up to the bathroom each time it becomes time to shave. Next, buy a razor that works with your face. Try out different razors to do this. Pick the razor that works with your face. It can take you weeks to figure this out. It took me about 3 weeks to figure this stuff out. Next step, add cold water before you shave your face. The cold water can release the stiff pull the facial hair has on face. Facial hair is not use to being shaved sometimes. That’s why you need to add cold water to the face. Wake the little whiskers up and let them know its time for them to fall off. Doing all this, should give you the right preparation to start a night shave.

Add Shaving Gel to Face Before Shave

Shaving gel is by far the best liquid to use when shaving. Provides your face with cold water, moisture, natural ingredients, and regenerating chemicals. Specifically, made to protect people who have acne proned skin or sensitive skin. Those of you guys who need something to help you with the cuts you feel on each shave should consider using shaving gel immediately. Also, gives face less burn from each shave. That burn can be annoying and make you hate shaving all together. With this in mind, buy the shaving gel you can find.

Add Night Cream to Give You Faster Shave

To add more, you could add the best night cream for men to make your shaving experience better. Cream that you only need to apply to your face once before bed. Don’t have to worry about washing your face after you put it on as well. Put cream on right before bed and leave it on. Peels off very easily and shouldn’t take that much time. Night cream relaxing your skin beyond your normal bodily functions. Boosts hair shine, gets rid of dryness, and relaxes facial hair. Adds one layer of performance on top of shaving gel and a razor that works for you. Basically, you get a face skin upgrade when you add night cream on face before you sleep.

Home Remedies to Make Beard Grow a Whole Lot Faster

Growing a beard is easier said then done. Most of us, do not have the right genetics to grow a full beard. We were born into the wrong pool. Growing a beard takes months and sometimes we don’t got the time. We try to do it anyway, but it fails to reach its full length. All these things, are more then enough reason to not grow a beard and accept the odds against you. However, some men do not care about the odds. If your one of those men who don’t care, then I suggest you read what I have to say below. There is a way to make the beard growing process a little faster. It won’t won’t perfectly work. Just give you an edge.

Use Coconut Oil On Your Face

Your beard needs a little incentive to grow. That little incentive is coconut oil. A natural oil that comes form the Earth. Your face needs water stimulation deep in the skin. Coconut oil has the ability to dive in your skin and promote hair to grow that has been dormant. There is a lot of hair that sleeps under your skin. You probably wouldn’t believe all the hair that is dormant down there. Awaken the hair down there and have a fuller face. Look less patchy and have the confidence that comes with it. Will everything grow back? It is hard to say everything will. But, you can try your best to get some results and a face that looks 2 times better then before. Use the best natural oil for beard growth to speed up the growth process.

Put Amla Oil on Face

Amala oil is often used to make beard hair grow really fast. Leave the oil on your face for 20 minutes each day. The results will appear and you will see your face look more together. Those patchy beard hair party night days can end, if you make your beard hair grow back and use beard growth products weekly. A man wants look like a man at some point in his life. Its not something I say. It is part of nature that you can not ignore once you get a certain age. You should strive to look like a man. Put the oil on and look close to being a man. Every edge counts to win.

Clean Face With Skin Cleaners

Washing your face with a good skin cleaner, promotes the hairs on your face to expand in number. Using this and the best natural oil for beard growth will make your face reach its fullest potential. You want your face to look full. You want the face to be patchy no more. Clean your face with special cleaning beauty products to make it clean and more stimulated for beard growth. Its not just a wash for your beard. It is a wash to make it grow properly.

The Guide to Wash Your Hair That You Won’t Forget

You probably think you wash your hair the right way, but is it right? You have no idea do you. You can stick to your same old routine, and wash it the same way you always have. But, what if there is a better way? A way that will make your hair cleaner and provoke it to grow. A way that will make the best natural shampoo and conditioners for men even better. That is secret we are about to tell you. We set up a guide to get you to wash hair in a way that makes you look like a professional. Who knows, you might not need a hair stylist again. Look below for more details.

What Should I Look For In Shampoo or Conditioner

It depends on what type of hair you got. Its not as simple as getting the best natural shampoo and conditioner for men. No, it requires to do some research and tests. Figure out what type of hair you got first. Is it really curly or really oily. There are some hair types in between, but you got to find out what side are you on. Then, you get the shampoo that fits the level of the side your on. For example, some shampoo and conditioner have normal and high for oily hair. Pick shampoo for extra oily hair if you got extra oily hair. Pick shampoo for standard oily hair if you got standard. If your still not sure, then you got to try both and see which works best.

You should also look for natural shampoo and conditioner. Make sure the hair products you buy are always natural. The natural products tend to cause less problems to your body. Natural is called natural because it was used by people thousands of years ago. Those people are the reason humans still live today. That should be enough reason to get you to go natural with hair products.

How Much Do I Need to Use

The answer is little as possible and as much as you feel you need to. In other words, take the shampoo or conditioner and put on a little each time you decide to wash your hair. Don’t put too much because ti leads to left over soap residue. Put in a little. No matter what shampoo you use. Even if its the best natural shampoo and conditioners for men, you still need to use a little of it. Always use a little when you wash your hair and you will be fine.

The Proper or Right Way to Wash

Yes, your put shampoo in first and conditioner second. Take the shampoo first and rub it in your hair. Do it gently and for 2 minutes. Once you finish doing that, rinse it out with water. Next, take the conditioner and place it in hair. Rub it all around your head and wait 10 minutes. While your waiting, wash the rest of your body. Then, rinse out the conditioner and you are all done. Its not hard to remember. After a few times, you won’t have to read this again. A simple step for you to get everything clean and good.

The Ultimate Summer Quencher: Watermelon Agua Fresca


While I ate my share of fancy food in Austin, it’s a simple food cart that has been on my mind since we left. At Veracruz All-Natural, the migas breakfast tacos were unbelievably fantastic, which makes sense since they border on legendary, but it was the watermelon agua fresca that inspired obsession.

It could have been because we had drank a good amount the night before and then walked 2 miles in 90 degree weather to the cart, but one sip of that agua fresca was enough to knock my socks off. Sadly it’s one of my biggest vacation regrets that we never made it back for a second one.

And oh, we wanted to — in fact, every other day we tried to plot a trip back to the cart. But every time something else distracted us (either in the form of brisket or beer).

To make it up to me, last weekend my husband brought me home a huge watermelon. We shared a meaningful look and then I immediately turned to google.

Happily, there’s not much to making a great agua fresca (though I still hold Veracruz’s up to level far above just ‘great’).

You need a watermelon, some sugar, water and a lime. And a blender. It’s that easy.




Homemade Watermelon Agua Fresca

Serves 2

  • 2 cups cold, ripe watermelon, diced
  • 1/8-1/4 cup granulated sugar
  • 1/4 cup cold water
  • 1 lime
  • Ice

Put first three ingredients in a blender. Blend until smooth and slightly frothy. Taste for sweetness, adjust as needed. Add a generous squeeze of lime. Pour into glass with ice, garnish with lime and serve.

For a super refreshing, more “slushie” version, freeze the diced watermelon for an hour prior to blending.

Optional: Add booze! I have no doubts this would taste delicious with alcohol.

Now go forth and quench your summer thirst with the best thing possible. Or, if you are lucky enough to live in Austin, visit Veracruz All-Natural and drink one for me!

Watermelon Agua Fresca

We didn’t just stuff our faces in Texas (and evidence to prove it)


In case you couldn’t tell, when my husband and I travel, our trips revolve around food. When we each made our lists of “what to do” in Austin, my husband’s list was fine-dining focused (Qui, Uchi, Barley Swine) while my list was mainly beer (Craft Pride, Hops & Grain) and food carts. But at the very bottom of my list was a separate (tiny) category called “Things that don’t involve eating.”

On that list, there were three items: visit the Barton Springs Pool, walk down 6th Street and hike around Lady Bird Lake.

I am happy to say we did all of those things and more — which is kind of shocking considering how much time we spent eating!

We checked out the Texas Capitol Building, which sprawls across the metro area.


Everything is bigger here in Texas and the Capitol Building in downtown Austin is no exception!


Inside the dome — the Lone Star.


Inside the Senate Room — look close and you’ll see that the lights spell out Texas.

We took the bus out to Zilker Park so I could swim in the Barton Springs Pool — a man-made pool using water from the natural springs. When I first read about the pool I expected it to be a hot spring. But when it’s 90 degrees outside, it’s a blessing that it’s actually a “cool” spring. The temperature rarely varies from a (very brisk) 68 degrees. Which means it’s best just to dunk yourself, don’t try to do it slow — once you’re in, it feels great.



After that we played some miniature golf:


Yes, this place is totally creepy but super fun! And you can BYOB.

Did some kayaking on the Colorado River:


Walked down 6th Street (known locally as the “dirty sixth” for good reason) — which is like Austin’s very own Bourbon Street. Imagine lots of bars, clubs and intoxicated college kids. I’d post a picture here but it’s probably best to just leave it to your imagination…

We rented a car and drove to the Lockhart (the BBQ capitol of Texas as well as a stop along the historic Chisholm Trail ) and the Lockhart State Park:


Lockhart Courthouse


And I spent a fair amount of time at the hotel’s rooftop pool. During the day it was a great place to relax with a beer, at night it was the perfect spot for watching sunsets.



And we walked. Oh did we walk. We walked so much that I don’t think I gained an ounce on the trip even though we were constantly eating. I think the shortest day we walked 2-3 miles, the longest days we were walking somewhere around 4-5. Mostly we would walked the “Bike and Hike” trail which was gorgeous. It was a perfect way to get from our hotel to downtown — offering glimpses of the city center and Lady Bird Lake through the trees.

All in all, I think we managed to balance out our eating obsession with enough local sights and culture to make it a well-rounded trip!


View of Congress Bridge from the trail