Business trips are better when your business is meat!


Beef Tartare, Rain Shadow Meats Squared (Pioneer Sq)

I posted a teaser last week about my business trip to Seattle in which I promised more pictures would be coming. I have finally gotten my act together so here’s how I spent my 5 days “working” in the Emerald City! (As a side note — working in the meat industry really has its perks — we ate constantly.)

On the drive to Seattle from Portland, we stopped in Olympia to get dinner at the Water Street Cafe. The food was pretty fabulous and the pasta special was super good. I’m going to ignore the sprinkling of dried parsley on the rim.


The next day, my friend and co-worker Breezy and I embarked on day-long trip around Seattle doing sales calls.

We started in Ballard:


Watching our lunch cook at Stoneburner


Roasted cauliflower with agro dolce and an incredible pizza with sausage, olives and mozzarella. Oh yeah, and a bottle of rosé.


Inside Stoneburner — a very pretty restaurant.

After 25 other sales calls (not involving eating and drinking, I swear) it was 5 pm. Exhausted and in need of sustenance, we found an adorable little wine shop/cafe called The Bottlehouse where we settled in for some happy hour treats:


The most incredible cheesy sandwich with tomato jam and a pickle, The Bottlehouse.


I like pink wine!


The next day we did more sales calls, hitting up two of my favorite butcher shops, The Swinery (in West Seattle) and Rain Shadow Meats (which has two locations, Capitol Hill and Pioneer Square).


The Swinery, West Seattle


Porchetta sandwich topped with crispy pork bits, Rain Shadow Meats Squared (Pioneer Sq)

Since it was a Saturday, we spent the rest of the day wandering around town. We stumbled across a shop called Glassybaby. It was full of the most beautiful hand blown glass votives and tumblers I have ever seen. Absolutely gorgeous colors! If I could have afforded it, I would have bought them all.


We popped into Nacho Borracho, a new restaurant specializing in nachos (of course) and fabulous boozy slushies. Seriously, the nacho were amazing — their homemade cheese sauce is the stuff dreams are made of. And the drinks! They were so good I’m still thinking about them. If you live in Seattle, this place should be on your radar. It’s got quality ingredients in a slightly dive bar/hipster type atmosphere. I would live here if I could!


Nacho Borracho, Seattle, WA

Another evening, my boss treated us all to a never-ending feast at Loulay Kitchen & Bar, followed by more food and drinks at Aragona.


Seared Foie at Loulay, Seattle, WA


Panna Cotta, Loulay, Seattle, WA

Basically it was a long weekend full of food, fun and festivities.

I love my job!


Just a grill full of Iberico pork Costilla Falsa (boneless ribs)…


Seattle water front from Pike Place Market


I love the Ferris Wheel in such an industrial looking setting.


Till next time, Seattle!