Chocolate Dipped Peppermint Meringue Cookies


Meringue in the wild!

Like many new projects I tackle on a whim, these peppermint meringues were found on Pinterest. They were just too pretty too pass up and I happened to have egg whites left over from making ice cream for Thanksgiving (we made a goat cheese ice cream and a straight up old-fashioned vanilla — both were awesome!). I decided it was a perfect time to use them up and cross a cookie off my holiday “must bake” list.

Meringues are super easy to make and I can totally, absolutely appreciate a cookie that you can let bake for two hours and not have to think about. In fact, the only things you have to worry about with meringues are having any fat in the egg whites when you whip them (bad news) or over/under whipping them. Happily, I avoided both of those issues and my cookies turned out pretty darn adorable.


I like to do different sizes so people can have “just a nibble.”


It’s like a meringue mountain range!

However, if you click on the link you’ll notice the original post/recipe has pretty red-and-white swirled cookies while mine are just maybe faintly tinged pink white. Well, this is one of the those times where you read something over and over and somehow it just doesn’t sink in. Basically I was supposed to paint the inside of the pasty bag with red food coloring to get those lovely little candy cane stripes. Instead I painted the end of the pastry tip.

That will not get you pretty swirls. It will get you this:


I’m a bit unimpressed.


So after two cookies I gave up and just piped them sans food dye. It wasn’t until the next night when I read the recipe again (for like the 4th time!) that it sank in — I was totally doing it wrong. I still have no idea how I misread that but I’m over it now. Kind of.

Since my cookies tasted just fine but lacked a little finesse, I figured a nice chocolate dip would add some flair. And if I were to dip them in chocolate, it would only makes sense to sprinkle them with peppermint, right?

I thought so.


And I have to say — I think I’m in love. Not only as they super cute (and festive) but they taste delicious. They are crunchy and sweet with a hint of peppermint. The flavor is not overwhelming which makes the sprinkle of peppermint even better. And I used dark chocolate to coat them so the sweetness is slightly reduced.

Seriously. These things are magic. I just look at them and feel happy.


As you can see I tried several different “dipping” methods — and I pretty much love them all!




Fully chocolate dipped!


I love this one!