What to Look for When Buying a Bluetooth Bike Helmet

Bikers love riding their bikes on the highway. They kill for going fast in a lane by themselves. Hearing the sound of the wind. Moving in a hurry with no one to bug them along the way. It’s not every day you get to ride on the road and deal with other people. These days, they have a bluetooth motorcycle helmet to make your riding experience bigger. The best helmet with bluetooth can take you bigger. Bigger as in more communication, protection, music, radio, internet, and ability to have fun. The only catch to this new helmet is you got to have people who have the same helmet in order for you to call them. If you feel like you want to buy this helmet and learn more, read what is written below.


Can Install Seperate Bluetooth compartment to Helmet

People who are not interested in buying a new bike helmet can settle for a bluetooth compartment device. These devices connect to the outside of your motorcycle helmet. They do not work on all motorcycle helmets however. You need to make sure the helmet is connectable to your motorcycle brand and device. Ask the company questions over the phone to double check. That is what I always do. You can not go wrong with asking people questions they relate to your motorcycle helmet connecting to device. It might seem strange but people are the fastest internet around. Always look to people to give you the fastest information possible.

 Helmets Are Safe on the Inside

All helmets are safe on the inside if they the bluetooth is on the outside of helmet. Now, there might be some bluetooth headsets on outside, so call the company who made them and make sure. Bluetooth technology heats up like cellphones. You don’t want that bad boy by your face while your trying to make a sharp turn. Most manufactures build on the outside to stop people from receiving radiation. There is a belief that radiation comes from cellphones and electronic devices. I am not sure if they information is true. All in all, make sure the bluetooth device is on the outside and you are 100% safe.

What Audio Type Can be Heard

Many types of audio can be heard from this new bluetooth motorcycle helmet device. First, you can hear the radio. Feature not allowed by all helmets. But, some allow you to hear the radio if you are in range of a radio tower. You can change the stations and stick to your favorite talk show even. Next audio feature, music can be played from mp3 file or music stored in bluetooth helmet. Some helmets have a memory chip that stores the music and audio files you have on it. You can easily listen to your talk show on youtube that you downloaded or listen to a datpiff mixtape. The music you listen to is in your control. There is no long list of songs you have to listen to and a pay wall you have to pay to do it. The best helmet with bluetooth can probably give you all the features I mentioned. In conclusion, your getting a helmet that can play music that you want it to play.

Additionally, you can communicate with people who have the same bluetooth motorcycle helmet. Also applies to the same device. Now, you need to make sure someone has the helmet in advance before you think about contacting them. Contacting works like a walkie talkie on the road. It has a range though. Depends on the bluetooth device or helmet you use. The below average distance is about 1,500 to 5,000 feet. View your bluetooth helmet you bought for more information on range. Helmet communication does not run on internet. You can use these helmets in country areas. They are controlled by the satellite. There is one thing I should tell you. Once you hit a really big country area, the connection in country areas is bad all around. You should tell you friend things in advance so they know what to do. If your cellphone does not work, don’t expect the helmet to work. That is how all technology is in country towns.