Wild About Game: The meatiest culinary event in the NW!

If you’ve followed this blog for a while, you’re well aware that I work as a meat distributor. You might even know that every year the company I work for hosts a huge meaty gathering where our vendors and other friends (think people involved with salt, cheese, and alcohol) get to mingle with our chefs. Four and a half hours later, everyone — staff included — is full of beer and booze and practically shaking from the meat sweats.

This year I even gave away two tickets to the event on my Facebook page. I would say it was a huge success — I’m pretty sure I saw the winner and his guest still hanging out at the after party bonfire around midnight.

What can I say? We know how to have a good time!

Anyways here’s some pictures I took of the day event to give you an idea of how deliciously awesome it was:


The grand prize winning dish of the cooking competition. Guinea fowl leg stuffed with guinea fowl sausage, plum sauce, pea tendrils and carrots. By Chef Aaron Barnett of St. Jacks, Portland, OR.


The view of Mt. Hood from the Timberline Lodge


Foie gras ice cream in sugar cones, by Chef Chris Carriker of 23 Hoyt, Portland.


Foie gras pastry cream stuffed doughnuts…Yes, you read that right.


Foie gras doughnuts for days!


Foie Gras chocolate from Xocolatl de David. He also had a pig’s blood chocolate but this is my favorite.


Portland Creamery goat cheese with roasted beets


This is nothing unusual….


Oregon at its finest: Rabbit and Chantrelle Terrine


A table full of salt, by Mark Bitterman of The Meadow


People’s Choice winning dish: Water buffalo adobo with coconut sticky rice and padron peppers. Chef Joey Serquinia of Harvest Vine, Seattle.


Water buffalo sirloin, liver, and rib with Maderia and elderberries. By Chef Chris Diminno of Clyde Common, Portland.


Seared Kobe beef, black garlic, dried tomatoes and crispy nori. There was always a line for this plate! Sampler by Chef Gregory Gourdet of Departure, Portland.


The Commons Brewery Gose — pretty color, delicious beer.


Manchester Farms Quail Egg Shak-Shuka.


It’s hard to beat this view!


A beautiful glass of Burnside Brew’s saison